5 Ways to Save Money on Car Insurance in Nova Scotia

5 Ways to Save Money on Car Insurance

Many drivers do not spend a sufficient amount of time reviewing insurance quotes from various insurance providers to get cheap car insurance in Nova Scotia. It may require a little bit of work, but obtaining many competitive quotes is one of the easiest ways to ensure that you don’t pay more than necessary for insurance. This is particularly important when you have to buy high risk car insurance in Nova Scotia. Here are some tips to help you to save money on your car insurance premium:

1. Request Quotes and Purchase Insurance Online

You may feel like going to the nearest insurance office in your neighbourhood and signing up for their auto insurance immediately. This could be the most convenient way to have your insurance done, but it is probably not the most cost-effective way to do it. To get cheap car insurance in Nova Scotia, you need to do comparison shopping, and this is best done online. Now, you can find many insurance quotes online and even use specialized comparison tools to compare quotes from a large number of companies.

2. Insure Multiple Vehicles and Other Things at the Same Time

If you want to enjoy cheap car insurance in Nova Scotia, you should consider insuring more than one car or vehicle at the same time and with the same company. Insurance companies always offer a discount when you do this. Also, you can save a substantial amount of money on your insurance premium by adding other things like tenant, homeowners or condo insurance to the policy. Your insurer will give you a discount when you insure your car with other policies. Although this may not always apply to high risk car insurance in Nova Scotia.

3. Do Away With Collision Coverage

Collision coverage consumes a substantial amount of your premium, so if you are driving an older car, collision coverage will not be necessary. The worth of your car may be reduced significantly if it is older than four years, or has high mileage or is not in very good condition. If the value of your vehicle is less than or equal to your deductible, you are better off cancelling your collision coverage and using the savings you get to buy another car.

4. Improve Your Driving

The insurance premium you are required to pay depends on your insurer’s risk assessment. If you have a lot of tickets or you have been involved in an accident that led to injuries, you will be considered a high risk driver and you will either be denied coverage by some insurers or you will be offered high risk car insurance in Nova Scotia. Driving safer every day will help you to reduce your insurance rates.

5. Install a Security Device

You can install an anti-theft gadget in your car to reduce the likelihood of theft. Although many cars now come with factory-fitted security alarms, your insurance provider will offer you a discount on your premium if you provide additional security gadgets. So, check with your insurance company or broker and find out if an immobilizer or alarm installed in your car can help you to reduce your rates.


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