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Commercial Car Insurance Quote

In the world of car insurance, there are two main types available: personal car insurance and commercial car insurance. While these terms are often used interchangeably and function similarly, they are not identical. It will help you to know about receiving a commercial car insurance quote.

What Is The Difference Between Personal And Commercial Car Insurance?

Simply stated, personal car insurance is designed for a person who uses his/her car for common, everyday activities (e.g., shopping, driving to work, driving kids to school, etc.). Commercial car insurance is for those who use their cars in a business setting. For example, a business owner who has multiple cars used in the transportation of goods and services made by his company will want to have a commercial car insurance policy protecting those cars and their drivers. Most likely, that business owner will have other people driving his cars. He will not be driving the cars personally. The use of multiple cars by other people in distributing goods and services to clients is a primary situation for a business owner to obtain a commercial car insurance quote. It is most vital to have a commercial car insurance policy if your drivers are transporting dangerous, or possibly, fatal materials (e.g., gasoline). You will receive a higher amount of coverage for transporting these types of goods.

How Can I Get A Commercial Car Insurance Quote?

As with most types of insurance, commercial car insurance is available through the Internet. This is the most efficient means of obtaining car insurance in terms of time and energy expenditure. Picking up your local phonebook and calling a bunch of phone numbers should be used as a last resort in the event you do not have Internet access from your place of residence or cannot get to a place that does. Obtaining a commercial car insurance quote involves only a few steps. Locate a good search engine and type in commercial car insurance. From the results list, find an independent insurance directory that offer you free insurance quotes. There should be plenty from which you can choose. Avoid websites for specific insurance companies who will just be marketing their product to you. Subsequently, fill out the online forms and submit them. Wait for the quotes to be returned to your email. There is a pretty fast turnaround by insurancejason hope companies when returning free quotes requested by consumers. After locating the best deal that meets your needs, call the company (only time you will be making a phone call during the insurance research process) to verify the quote they gave you. Be sure they can match it. Unfortunately, some companies will give you a dirt-cheap quote only to raise the price on you when it comes time to sign the contract. Once you find the insurance company that will match the quote (or possibly make it better), be sure you understand the commercial car insurance policy details. Sign the contract and you now have car insurance for your commercial vehicles.

How Can I Save Money On A Commercial Car Insurance Quote?

One way of saving is by having all your business insurance policies associated with the same insurance company. Do not just have a commercial car insurance policy with the company. Have your business insurance, homeowners’ insurance, etc., with the same company if at all possible. “bundling your insurance is the best way to save on insurance” says ( It is the same principle as buying in bulk at the supermarket. Other methods of saving money on a commercial car insurance quote is by meeting as many of the following qualifications as possible. Allow your cars to stay in a garage over night, maintain a high credit score, drive insurance-friendly cars, have a clean driving record, and get added safety features on your vehicles (e.g., anti-lock brakes, an alarm system, etc.). A final method of saving on commercial car insurance is by shopping around. Locate the best deal that meets your needs and place your commercial business vehicles under that policy. You may also ask for a higher deductible. You will have to pay more out of your own pocket in the event of an accident, but your premiums will be reduced.